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All students are centrally provisioned with an enterprise @k12.hi.us email account. The username will be their 10-digit SIS number followed by @k12.hi.us. Their password can be obtained by the Hilo High School Technology Kokua Desk. Call: (808) 313-5627.

The student's public email address will be S355-First.Last@k12.hi.us.

To log in to the @k12.hi.us email, students must log in with their 10-digit State ID Number@k12.hi.us (Example: 1234567890@k12.hi.us) This account number is private, and must not be shared with non-authorized users.

1. Sign in on Google.com

Google - Google Chrome

2. Enter your Enterprise Username

Your enterprise username is your 10-digit SIS number followed by @k12.hi.us.

You will have to enter the username twice to sign in. After you type it in the first time, you may want to copy it for the next step.

Sign in - Google Accounts - Google Chrome

3. Enter your Enterprise Username Again

On the HIDOE Microsoft BEACH log in page, enter your Enterprise Username again, then press Next

Sign in to your account - Google Chrome

4. Enter your password

Sign in to your account - Google Chrome

6. Stay signed in?

If you are sharing this device with someone else, press: NO. If not, you may CHOOSE to press Yes.

Sign in to your account - Google Chrome

7. If Applicable: Accept Terms

Google Accounts - Google Chrome
 Google Chrome
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