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Reset Adobe CC Password


If you forgot your Adobe CC password, you can reset it. For this to work, you must have access to your @hilohigh.org email address, or at least access to emails forwarded from its inbox.

1. Go to Adobe.com, Press Sign In

Adobe: Creative, marketing and document management solutions - Google Chrome

Enter your @hilohigh.org email and press Continue

Adobe ID - Google Chrome

2. Press Reset your Password

Adobe ID - Google Chrome

3. Set New Password

Create a new secure password, and press Reset Password

Adobe ID - Google Chrome

4. Check Email for Code

Copy the Verification Code and Paste it into the Adobe prompt.

Adobe ID - Google Chrome
Mail - Test Student - Outlook - Google Chrome

5. Done

Your password is changed, although the email says that it sent you an email, it is not required to check it.

Adobe ID - Google Chrome
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